Shamirpet Deer Park

Shamirpet Deer Park, adjoining the Aranya Resort by Mrugavani is a dense forest of 54 Acres that surrounds a grand rocky terrain. If the term rocky terrain raises any concern about the land, well, it overlooks the vast Shamirpet Lake. The Shamirpet Deer Park then is home to an incredible variety of flora and fauna endemic to the Deccan region

Some of the flora abundantly found here are decidious evergreen trees like Flame of the Forest, climbers and grasslands. Located close to the Shamirpet Lake, hundreds of birds of an amazing variety happily consider this home. They include White necked Stork, Painted Stork, Spotted Dove, Sun Birds, Grey Heron etc.

Reptiles & amphibians including the Indian Rock Python, the Chameleon, Monitor Lizard and the Starred Tortoise can be found here. However, it is the spotted Deer that is the flagship attraction of the Shamirpet Deer Park.

Other mammals like the Napped Hare, Mongoose, Jungle Cat, Porcupine and the Palm Squirrel can also be spotted when on a tour of the forest.